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What is a Donor-Advised Fund?
A lot of financial institutions are pushing clients hard into Donor-Advised Funds. When do they make sense and when are you better off using other strategies?
June 16,2022 01:44 PM - Comment(s)
What is a QTIP Trust?

Tax attorneys and accountants love their acronyms.  Some seem deliberately designed to confuse the rest of us.  For example, QTIP trusts.  They have nothing to do with ear cleaning or model airplane construction.  QTIP stands for Qualified Terminable Interest Propert...

April 21,2022 06:35 PM - Comment(s)
The Build Back Better Act and Your Trust
The Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376) will almost certainly contain changes that will impact estate taxes. The Act is not finalized, but you should plan to work with your estate planner to make changes to compensate.
November 16,2021 09:18 AM - Comment(s)