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How to Fairly Divide Family Heirlooms
Often it isn't just the money that causes hurt feelings in an estate. How do you navigate the tricky business of dividing up items that have a lot of emotion attached?
June 13,2022 09:57 AM - Comment(s)
Who's on the Trust Team?
As the end of life nears for older relatives or clients, you need to assemble a team of experts to care for them and their assets. Who is on that team?
March 28,2022 10:48 AM - Comment(s)
No Will?  No Trust?  Who Gets the Stuff?
If you die without a will or trust, how will your assets be distributed? Who gets your stuff?
September 14,2021 11:03 AM - Comment(s)
Special Needs Trusts - What You Need to Know
Special Needs trusts are a valuable tool in managing the needs of a family member who is on public assistance. But they are complex, confusing and require special care.
September 14,2021 11:03 AM - Comment(s)
How to manage or delete social media accounts after a loved one's death
September 07,2021 11:03 AM - Comment(s)